133 - Class 121 Locomotive - Irish Rail

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Class 121 Locomotive
by Murphy Models

in Irish Rail

Model specific features

  • Irish Rail Points Logo
  • Dayglo Panels
  • Side Rails
  • Plated over windows
  • Lighting
  • Horns, Air
  • No Side Vents Present
  • No Door Vents Present
  • No Staff Catcher Present
  • CAWS equipment fitted
  • Handrails Fitted
  • Multiple Working Socket Present

Common Features:

  • Highly detailed OO scale model
  • Heavy Die-Cast metal chassis
  • Separately applied steel detail parts, including grab handles, steps, wipers and more
  • Correct height mini-tension-lock couplers with NEM socket
  • Five-Pole motor with flywheels
  • Fully detailed Lighting Pack
    • RP25-110 wheels OO wheels with provision for re-gauging to 21mm gauge
    • Fully sprung metal buffers
    • Extra fine factory-fitted pipework
    • Extra fine factory-fitted plastic and etched steel detail parts
    • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)