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Absolutely stunning! No more needs to be said.

Fantastic service. Fantastic model. Very quiet smooth. Accurascale pulled it out of the bag again. Added bonus. Lifetime warranty. No brainer.

Amazing 66769

My first Class 66 from Accurascale and well worth the wait absolutely stunning loco and the sound file is superb thank you so much 😊

Evening Star

The loco is superb, what shortcomings there may have been with the Hartons model have been sorted out and the result is the definitive 66. The sound file is superb and the running is smooth. My only criticism is that Accurascale my have underestimated the popularity of the model.


Absolutely stunning model great detail smooth runner great features


Look forward to adding the crew to the 66

Great model

Fantastic model.

66 climate hero

i love this model so much, so glad i was able to get one in the end, i have had it running every day on my TMD and it sounds great, thank you Accurascale.

Lovely bit of kit.

Really well detailed and a lot less delicate than the Hattons versions.

Freightliner Orange Class 66

Stunning model, Heavy with a solid well built feeling but with lots of detail, does not feel like bits will break off. Great price and value for money item in todays market. Comes in lovely presentation box. An all round top of the range model.


Perfection, thought the Hattons Originals were good, but these are at another level, thank you everyone at Accurascale for your brilliant work

Really nice loco I bought on a whim. Wish I had added sound at source.

The loco runs perfectly well, I must admit I bought it for what it was supporting. One thing I will add is that if you want sound, the Accurascale sound fitted options are the much better. I was too late in ordering mine so I added sound later, which was substantially more expensive than if I had bought it ready fitted. Nice loco though.

Class 66

Excellent model

Class 66 @shed

I ordered the class 66 Prostate Cancer UK limited edition as a result of an enlarged prostate. I was subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer and was pleased to receive the model which lived up entirely to my expectations.
The livery and detailing are amazing due to my illness I am yet to test run this sound edition .


Another excellent model from Accurascale, this is my third model from them the other two being class 37s. The detailing is of a very high standard and the sound a functions are excellent. The class 66 runs smoothly and pulls a rake of container flats up inclines with ease. I highly recommend this model also the class 37s.

Excellent Class 66, improved over Hattons model..

All things good with this one! Had to purchase for a good cause, and Bessie to go in the seat! Love the improvement over the Hattons 66, especially the added stay alive. Anyone who said the sound is mediocre with this model, try adjusting CV 196 and CV 197 range 0-32 (bass and treble) I put them both on max and now sounds a beast!!

Anyone who has an analogue model and thinking of adding sound, seriously consider purchasing the Accurathrash one!

Great model

Another great model the class 66 is outside the time that I model but the Accurascale class 66 I just could not resist them I’ve ended up with two now to go with the two deltics and two 37s I already have non of them had any issues I haven’t told the wife how much I spent on these and the seven more pre orders to come all sound fitted I just cannot enough of them the quality and detail is amazing I just wish they would consider doing a class 124 and 123 DMU sets I would preorder one of each now knowing the detail accurascale puts in to there models keep up the good work your doing

Perfect 66

An absolute piece of perfection. Improving what was a very good model by Hattons the finish of the livery is superb as well as the performance and sound and all in aid of a very worthy charity.

World class model!!

Added to my other two 66 models. Love the new FL colours neatly applied. Simply put an outstanding model. A real spash of colour to the layout.

66769 Prostrate Cancer

When I first heard that Accurascale were taking over the Hattons Class 66 I was over the moon, the Hattons 66 was a great model but Accurascale have taken it to another level and then some, it runs absolutely perfectly straight from the box, the crawl is unbelievable even on speed step one and the sound is superb, well done yet again Accurascale and thank you for giving us another top model.

Class 66 prostrate cancer livery. Sound version.

Very nice model. Runs smooth and also very very quiet. 10k raised fir a fantastic cause. Accurascsle as smashed it again. Sound version is very good. I fitted accurascal crew and looks amazing. Keep up the good work.

I don’t want to alarm…

… but these locos are stunning

An excellent model . Looks and sounds great . Whichever livery you choose. Definitely recommended. Super smooth runner excellent recordings .


The Hattons was good, this takes it to the top of the game

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