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Robert B.
Do just the job

Been looking for some proper couplings to put on the front of my locos for some time. If I could get them they were hideously out of scale or expensive from other suppliers
Found what I wanted on the Accurascale website. Perfect at a reasonable price. Need I say more?

Phil R.
Class Couplings

The best representation of this Coupling I have seen. Superb little piece of engineering.

David B.
The extra mile.

Just think these couplings are the best out there for looks. O.k. Some have mentioned the hook mounting could be longer so as to be properly sprung mounted in the chassis but my intention is just to enhance the look of locomotives and the tail end coaches in my collection. They look the part and so long as they’re fitted securely are strong enough to pull wagons and coaches.
One reviewer I watched on YouTube complained about another coupling that you couldn’t “shunt couple” to a train which needless to say, you won’t be able to do with these. Let’s face it, in the real world “someone”, (usually the fireman), has to get out and manually couple up. Unless Accurascale manage to make a 4mm scale fireman who can jump down and do the job, it’s going to have to be the “hand of the giant”. Personally, I think it’s all part of the enjoyment of running a model railway. In my book, these are the best looking couplings out there.

david b.
Lovely Design

These couplings really look the part and are very good value for money.

Laurence B.

The **** Link and Instanter Couplings are a vast improvement on, and more cost effective than, the others available. I shall be retrofitting these. However, I agree with the comments by Stephen H' and John D about the stubby plastic hook. It needs to be long enough to pass through the buffer beam.

Ian Taylor
**** couplings

the best **** couplings I have ever bought or seen.

I will be replacing all my loco's with these.

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John Crooks
A couple of hookups.

I initially bought these couplings to have as a backup for my wagons. It was just in case any broke or came off and got lost. Though I have now used them on other stock not made by Accurascale. They are a wonderful detail to add to any buffer beam and when weathered they look even better. Though the only problem I have had with them is that the links can get interlocked with the open gap in the link. They can be a bugger to separate from the pack without the links breaking away from the hooks or other links. With them being small it is difficult to put them together again. A magnifier is handy to have to do this. I would add a spot of glue and paint to seal the gap to stop the linkage from locking together. A simple but wonderful little detailing pack, to add that small bit of extra realism to your rolling stock.

David R.
Fantastic level of detail

High level of detail. Finely detailed and incredibly crisp. Excellent product.

Steve B.
Very nice!

Great product, fast service as well.

Stephen Fincken
Good value

I'm using these as a cosmetic couplings. They arrive ready assembled, look good and nicely to scale.