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Tara Update and First Plough Sample From China!

Tara Update and First Plough Sample From China!

As we reported last week, the Tara’s were due with us this week. However, nature has taken its course and as a result of a ‘Super Typhoon’ hitting the model railway manufacturing region of China on Sunday our delivery of Tara’s has been delayed. This is down to the storm itself, the fall out and damaged caused to local infrastructure.

We’re currently looking to get a timeline on getting them on a flight out of China but it looks like it’s going to be delayed by a few weeks at least before everything is back up and running smoothly. We are also amid Christmas market stock leaving China, so its logistics silly season at the moment and getting a new slot on a plane could prove quite the challenge. We will keep you up to date and will have more news when we have it.

In happier news, one package that made it out of China before the typhoon hit was the first engineering sample of the forthcoming ballast plough which we can now share with you.

IRM CIE Ballast Plough Van

The engineering sample is a first test of the molds and it also tests the fitting and finish of parts. As you can see our factory has painted it in a rather fetching shade of NIR blue for some reason!

Overall there is a lot to like such as the crispness of the body, the additional detail and the etch grills. However, some changes required too. These will be conveyed back to China and changed before we receive the decorated samples in proper yellow livery!

The ploughs will be a highly limited model and are selling fast, including the latest announced CIE variant. Have you placed your order yet? Don’t miss out!  



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