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Ballast Wagons Arrive with Pack A available once again!

Ballast Wagons Arrive with Pack A available once again!

As you may have seen elsewhere, our first production item, the CIE ballast hopper wagon, has arrived from China!

Ballast Wagons Shunting, Photo Courtesy of Noel Enright

We have been working tirelessly to dispatch pre-orders to our customers over the past couple of weeks, a herculean task in itself!

It was a proud moment for the team to see a van loaded with cartons of wagon packs and it has truly made all the hard work worthwhile. This has been confirmed with the numerous positive comments, as well as pictures and videos of the wagons running on peoples’ layouts.

There are still a limited number of packs B and C left to order with us.

We also have freed up a limited amount of pack A thanks to swapping out for packs B and C with customers. You can order here:

Once again we would like to extend a sincere thank you to all our customers who supported us throughout this venture. It would not have been possible without you.

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