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Quali-tea Liners - Our Container Flats Are Back With New Liveries

Quali-tea Liners - Our Container Flats Are Back With New Liveries

We're gearing up for the first three day Dublin show since 2019, and here is the first of several(!) IRM announcements this week!

It is, of course, the return of our container liners in loaded and unloaded form.


Our first run of container lines spearheaded the release of our "Project 42" range, and famously sold out completely on pre-order before the wagons actually arrived in stock. We have now returned them to the range, with both twin packs loaded with our CIE 20ft containers in CIE livery, faded CIE livery with Harp Larger lettering, and the iconic Lyons Tea liveries. 

Also in the range is a triple pack of empty flats in CIE/IR livery, with spigots included so you can put on either one 40 ft container, or two 20ft containers per wagon. We will also have CIE containers available separately once again or they will also work with CRail containers.

Leading our own charge against the cost of living crisis, we have held the price on these wagons, with the twin packs with containers at €99.95 each, and the triple unladen pack also is €99.95. Our usual bundle discount of 10% when you buy two packs or more also applies as well as free postage and packaging to Ireland and the UK. The twin container accessory packs are priced at €12.95 each.

These wagons are complete and already on their way from China. We hope to have a small quantity available at the 3 day show this weekend, but it is likely that they will arrive in stock next week instead. These have been made in very limited quantities so early pre-ordering is advised. Make sure you don't miss out, place your pre-order here

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