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Bargain of The Century? The 'Dicky' Taras - An Almost Perfect Wagon At a Bargain Price

Bargain of The Century? The 'Dicky' Taras - An Almost Perfect Wagon At a Bargain Price

Who doesn't love a bargain? And in these times of uncertainty in the wider world we need to consider value for money. We've always worked tirelessly to bring you the very best models for the best possible value for money. However, in this case we have really gone above and beyond.

Exceptional value, you might say! How about a brand new, never run model at a whopping 75% off the RRP? This is available with 5 different packs with 10 different running numbers. It's Irish outline, fully detailed, and works perfectly.

Let's welcome to our 'Dicky Taras', our Tara Mines twin pack wagons for just €20 a box!

"Listen, there is a catch right? That's crazy value!" you are probably muttering to yourself.

Don't be so suspicious! Well, yes. A slight one. Gather around and we'll tell you a story...

Okay. Fádo, fádo, we were working on our first run of Tara Mines wagons. During development it was noted that the pre-production model was incorrect. The bodyside strakes did not extend down the full length of the wagons. 

Now, here's what it should look like...

Exquisite! What our sample looked like...

Right! As you can see, they stop too short of the wagon.

In other words, our first run of wagons was manufactured both correctly and incorrectly. Initially the factory used the incorrect tooling, and we ended up with a batch of Taras with the incorrect bodysides. This was then corrected with the correct tooling and customers received a truly excellent model that was spot on.

Corrected and delivered, they sold out in no time. But, what about these 'dicky' Taras as we christened them? Well, they have sat in a dark corner of a warehouse for many, many years, guarded by 'Top Men'.

However, it seems silly keeping them locked away, when they too could be enjoyed by modellers who are not overly bothered with this blemish. So, we will be offering them for sale, strictly 'sold as seen' at the Dublin show this weekend for a mere €20 a twin pack. That's just €10 per wagon. A highly detailed, beautifully finished wagon that is Irish outline. Yes, the strakes are not long enough, but you cant argue that it's an incredible bargain.

Insane bargain, right!?! Limited stock will be available at the Dublin Show this weekend only. But, if you cant make the show and can only shop online, then don't worry! We will have them listed on our website for the same price for our Black Friday sale in November. If we have any after that they will be sold at shows and the odd flash sale only till they're gone. 

Each box will be stamped 'Reject' so they can not be passed off as original stock either as they have the same running number and barcode as our first run of Tara mines wagons in red oxide livery. Strike while the iron is hot this weekend and bag yours as IRM brings you the true bargain of the model railway world. 

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