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I don’t want to alarm…

… but these locos are stunning

An excellent model . Looks and sounds great . Whichever livery you choose. Definitely recommended. Super smooth runner excellent recordings .


The Hattons was good, this takes it to the top of the game


Body detail is fine the downer to me is there is no upgrade to sound from other manufactures

Route 66 to the stars

Fantastic model in every sense of the word and little wonder these beauties have sold out immediately. Lives up to everything we can expect from accurascale and then some more!!!

Excellence in Model form

Breathtaking detail 5 stars yet again

A truly beautiful Model

Great features, Weighty, protective box, fine detail, good sounds and value for money!

Next Level Shed

Quite simply amazing level of detail and performance from our new shed (and we have 6½ from others). Brilliant work to refine the Hattons tooling. Accurascale move on with every release and the improved packaging (boxes on end of box), sound and light project, swappable bufferbeams and simply staggering creep speed (nothing we have can run slower) just made me smile. Always cautious handling given the fidelity but all perfect and the level of quality and value is off the charts.

The Green Machine

The green machine is an usual livery, a one off, and a stand out product, The best ever Class 66 model to be made, a lot of credit has to be given to Hattons but the improvements made to the original make this one of the leading models on the market today, the fit, finish, detail and running qualities are excellent.

An 'Evening Star' is born

A really robust model that really looks the part, mine ran faultless straight out of the box, with no loose or missing parts, no wobble, the fit and finish is first class, It appears as though the changes made to correct the original issues have worked successfully, I just wished there was a third choice of DC fitted when ordering.

Limited Edition Class 66

I thought my Accurascale Freightliner Class 66 was amazing and still do but the special artwork on the EWS 66001 box makes you want to just dive inside. You are going to read a pile of 5 Star Reviews but here's a few of my personal observations. It needs to be run-in for around an hour before it reaches smooth acceleration. With the naked eye, the paintwork is at a very high and very satisfactory level with only a couple of extremely minor blemishes visible while editing images on my 27" Monitor! Sound could be a little deeper in the low frequencies but still very good - see my video which has the start-up sequence. The Stay-Alive is amazing and I timed it around 10 seconds. Wow!

Fabulous model

A very nice high quality piece definitely worth the investment !!


Well worth the wait, paintwork is flawless as is it’s running. Would highly reccomend it. Very fast postage and well packaged

Class 66

This as got to be one of the best loco models I have detail and performance are second to none just stunning

A "Star" in every sense!

With the greatest of respect to all of Accurascale's magnificent liveries for the class 66 and particularly to the other charity Exclusives I was similarly unable to resist, Evening Star to me is the absolute pinnacle. An incredible effort in every way and IS what Hattons so nearly achieved. Very smart thinking to take on the tooling and modify and improve upon it taking it to the next level . Build quality, weight, features and detail are all top draw and shame other more expensive competitors. My advice for what it's worth...accept no substitutes. Fran and the team have done a stellar job on this one.

Lovely loco

Have to say a fine highly detailed model certainly impressive livery attention to detail and the moving axles are brilliantly done. Smooth performance with fine slow running.
A beautiful addition to my personal collection.

The best just got better

The Hatton 66 was a great loco but with all the flaws sorted this is the best 66 anyone can wish for. Thanks again Accurascale

Nicely reworked model

Love my new 66 and it’s been nicely reworked from the hattons tooling which was at the time the best 66 available but now even better!

Class 66

Excellent product and thoroughly pleased with it. Another gem from Accurascale.

Evening Star

Amazing quality from the loco to the box, great detail and sounds amazing.

Great locomotive

Really impressed with the finished product.

Class 66 Evening Star

Run it in for about an hour, changed the switches as I don't have an ESU controller, it runs lovely and sound great only disappointment is it runs with one white light on each end, and cannot get it to run with forward white lights and red rear ones as my controller does not go higher than F 10!!


Top quality in both detail and sound

Great loco

As with the other 66s this is superb regards detail and quality. My model had an issue with the sound which was promptly dealt with by customer services and returned for repair.


Ordered all the 66s and this is by far my favourite. Livery application is superb and the sound as well as detail is exceptional.

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