About Irish Railway Models

Detailed, ready-to-run Irish railway models

Irish Railway Models consists of four like-minded modellers who came together to provide accurate, highly detailed Irish outline rolling stock in 4mm (OO) scale. Since its inception in 2015, we have brought the highest quality, limited production models to the market, which have been critically acclaimed by the modelling press and lauded by modellers.

As a company run by railway modellers for railway modellers, we are committed to achieving the highest standards at all stages of production, from initial research of prototypes right through to final delivery to the customer.

Our philosophy is to measure prototypes and design products locally, with surveys carried out by our team who strive for accuracy and prototype fidelity. We then couple this to the latest production technology at our factories in China to bring the very best models to your layout.

The Team

Fran Burke

Fran has been a Public Relations and Communications professional for over 10 years, working both nationally and internationally. Despite being predominately interested in British and American outline railways, Fran also has a strong affection for Irish railways of his youth, namely from the late 1980s through to the 2000s

Patrick Conboy

With a background in journalism and public relations, Patrick is a lifelong railway enthusiast with specific interests in early diesel era CIE, present day SNCF, 1960s Union Pacific, and a smattering of British Rail. His other hobbies include arts and culture, football, music, and travelling.

Stephen McCarron

Passionate about Technology and Cloud, and an innovator and investor in tech, Stephen enjoys modern image Irish modelling and high speed continental trains. A father of three, his other interests include music GAA, rugby, and classic sci-fi.

Richard O’Hanrahan

An architect and model maker by choice, Richard is passionate about detail, with particular focus on the obscure and lesser-modelled Irish prototypes – brake vans, permanent way stock, iconic buildings, and everything in between. He gladly has no time for any other hobbies as he is in constant pursuit of new, exciting, and unorthodox projects.