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A1 - Inneall Aicme - Eagrán Speisialta Airgid

Díolta amach
Praghas bunaidh €178.85 - Praghas bunaidh €178.85
Praghas bunaidh
€178.85 - €178.85
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A Inneall Aicme A1
i 'mar a sheachadtar' Liathróid Airgid i mBosca Léirithe Speisialta
le Teastas Eagrán Teoranta Uimhrithe

Níl aon sciobálaithe foirne; aon CAWS; gaothscáthanna bunaidh

Gnéithe Coitianta:

  • Samhail scála OO an-mhionsonraithe
  • Fuaime Miotail Trom Dítheilgthe 
  • Páirteanna mionsonraí cruach a chuirtear i bhfeidhm ar leithligh, lena n-áirítear lámha greim, céimeanna, cuimleoirí agus tuilleadh
  • Cúplálaithe mionghlais-teannas ar an airde cheart le soicéad NEM
  • Mótar Cúig-Chuaille le dhá roth eitilte
  • Bosca Gear Helical Miotail le haghaidh uasfheidhmíochta agus luas mall reatha
  • Gearáil socraithe ionas gur féidir le hinnill uasluas scála 130 km/h
  • a bhaint amach
  • DCC réidh le toilleoir PowerPack le haghaidh cumhachta gan bhriseadh
  • Dhá chainteoir ardchaighdeáin le capsúil mhóra fuaime don fhuaim is fearr is féidir
  • Pacáiste Soilsithe go hiomlán mionsonraithe, lena n-áirítear:
    • Soilsiú treo, DC agus CCDnG
    • Is féidir soilse marcála a mhúchadh nuair a bhíonn an traein cúpláilte le loco
    • feidhm ceannlampa ardléas
    • mhalartaítear soilsiú an chábáin go leithleach agus é soilsithe, sonraíonn consól an tiománaí
    • Innill soilsiú bá
  • RP25-110  Oo rothaí le soláthar chun athmhéadú go dtí tomhsaire 21mm
  • Moil rothlaithe an bhosca acastóra (le clúdaigh bhosca acastóra mhalartacha do leaganacha níos luaithe)
  • Maoláin miotail spréite go hiomlán
  • Píbobair mhíne bhreise atá feistithe sa mhonarcha
  • Plaisteach mín-fheistithe sa mhonarcha agus páirteanna sonraí cruach eitseáilte
  • Ga Íosta 438mm (Scar-rian an 2ú Ga)
  • Fad thar Maoláin 203mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
a class loco

super detailed locomotive with a beautiful wooden box .

James Moran
Silver loco at Dunlaoire Co Dublin

When I was a little boy in the Early 1960's my mother and myself Dropped off Somebody to the Boat for Holyhead On the Return train to Connolly Station Dublin pulled by A 1 loco I got Slapped for Hitting the Seat with the palm of my Hand Creating Clouds of Dust making people Sneeze orange and black Craven's Coaches made up the Train Engine purring like a Deep fat Fryers in a Chip Shop Happy memories at 60 Four and a Half Then Very Accurate model to my photographic memory well Done

Super A1

I love the detail on this loco,especially the bogies.

Mr. B.
The Joanna Lumley of Locos

Stunningly beautiful loco design even after all this time, the As just nail it and always have done. And sure who doesn't love a posh box to top it all off? The model captures the real locomotives beautifully. Thoroughly recommended.

Martin Kearney
Absolutely stunning

Great detail, and smooth running loco. Very Very pleased how it's presented

Anthony Halvey

I have been involved in ralway models all of my life and the A class is definitely the best all round 00 scale loco I have ever bought

Peter Corcoran

I was on the platform in kingsbridge station in may 1954 as I was in Eason. Your Ai no1 was exactly the same as the one you sent me. All the rest had the snail or the CIE logo. I am missing A15. And the A36 . So let me know if you ever come across them. Thank you for Accuracy of the loco Peter

Scott McNeil
Silver special edition A class

Exquisite beautifully crafted model.
Sublime in operation and presentation.

Robert Broderick
A1 class silver special edition

This is a superb scale model with incredible detail to a really high degree of accuracy. This is a special model for me and I am really happy to have it in my collection. It is obviously a great running model but even as a static display model it is magic.

A Class Collectors edition

If like me you grew up and actually saw these A class locos running on our railway network then its an absolute must have model for your collection. I bought a replica A class from marks models over 20 years ago, it was the nearest thing to the real engine that was available but it was never exact and was just a cheap substitute !!!!
So when the opportunity came about to purchase a real replica I decided on the special silver edition complete with wooden box , lets do things back to front here and start with the box , the minute you see and touch the box you know their is something very special inside , akin to a very special collectors whiskey
or a jewlery box housing the family jewels. Theirs is a plaque on the front of the box METROPOLITAIN VICKERS 1955 and you really feel like this is not only a special model but a piece of history , cardbord boxes over time become frayed damaged , colours fade, this box never will , its the special packaging for this model that will protect your A Clas jewel well into the next century !!!!! and given the fact its a very limited run of just 250 pieces you just know its a guilt edge investment probaly fetching twice its value on ebay in 5 to 10 years time.
Now the model itself , well their are loads of reviews on thes A class's , the only thing I can add is they are all true it really is a spectacular replica , if Murphy Models had ever decided to produce one I really dont think it could have been bettered , So well done to the guys in IRM , I really can not wait to see what their next locomotive will be , hopefully one thats never been massed produced
before (and their are still many to chose from E Class, NIR Hunslet , Dart etc)
in the mean time if this loco is very special, well you must have it no other way than the special collectors edition it just feels like your holding real history

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