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7820 – Rang Mainéar BR ‘Dinmore Manor’

SKU ACC2509-7820
Díolta amach
Praghas bunaidh €158.50 - Praghas bunaidh €243.90
Praghas bunaidh
€158.50 - €243.90
Praghas reatha €158.50
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Out of stock
CCDnG: DCC Ready

7820 – ‘Dinmore Manor’

  • BR Línithe Dubh le Suaitheantas Luath
  • Simléir Bhunaidh
  • Comhlacht Sruth Tairisceana
  • Adharcphlátaí leathana

Gnéithe Coitianta:

  • Samhail tomhsaire OO an-mhionsonraithe, scála 1:76.2 ar rian 16.5mm
  • Bunaithe ar scanadh 3D ar 7808 Cookham Manor agus líníochtaí saothair iomlána curtha ar fáil ag Great Western Society, Didcot
  • Suirbhéanna a rinneadh le cúnamh ó Erlestoke Manor Fund, Dinmore Manor Loco Ltd agus Tyseley Locomotive Works
  • Léiríonn Smokebox agus simléir riocht GWR mar a tógadh i gceart nó athdhréachtadh BR iar-1952
  • Tionchar iomlán mionsonraithe ar an gcábán le go leor páirteanna ar leith 
  • Fuaimeadh miotail dísle-theilgthe, pláta reatha agus corp
  • ráillí láimhe sreinge leithead scála
  • Miotal/plaisteach eitseáilte agus mionpháirteanna céir caillte, lena n-áirítear. greim láimhe, céimeanna, draein coiligh, etc
  • Ainm réamhphéinteáilte miotail eitseáilte agus uimhirphlátaí
  • Cláir chinn miotail eitseáilte "Cambrian Coast Express" agus "Pembroke Coast Express"
  • Cúpláin scriú caol ard-dhílseachta
  • Maoláin miotail spréite go hiomlán agus píopaí monarcha-suiteáilte
  • Cásálacha maolánacha caolaithe nó díreacha nuair is infheidhme
  • Bloic choscánaithe ar aon dul le rothaí
  • Is féidir múnlú cruinn trucail chapaillíní tosaigh
    a chur in ionad cúplóir glais mionteannas tosaigh

Sonraí Tairisceana:

  • Churchward 3,500 gal tairisceana le go leor éagsúlachtaí lena n-áirítear taobhanna seamaithe agus sruthlaithe, cornphlátaí cúnga nó leathana, trí stíleanna éagsúla crochaire earraigh agus scóip uisce faoi fhráma
  • Maoláin miotail spréite go hiomlán, píbobair atá suiteáilte sa mhonarcha agus cúpláin scriú chaocha arddhílseachta
  • Cúsálacha luatha barrchaolaithe, barrchaolaithe nó maoláin dhíreacha nuair is infheidhme
  • Libín pláta rabhaidh lastuas roghnach ar shamplaí BR déanach
  • Feistítear cúplóir cinéiteach NEM ar thairiscint ag an airde cheart le cúplóirí mionghlais-teannais
  • Soicéad díchódóra CCDnG á thairiscint (díon tairisceana inrochtana trí chuid ardaitheoir amach daingnithe ag maighnéid)
  • Rogha codanna ardaithe amach: ualach ‘guail’ folamh nó ionsamhailte

DCC / Gnéithe Leictreonacha:

  • Mótar 3-cuaille an-ardchaighdeáin le roth eitilte, voltas tosaigh íseal agus seachadadh cumhachta mín
  • DCC réidh [Soicéad MTC 21-Piorán á thairiscint] nó roghanna Fuaime DCC suiteáilte sa mhonarcha
  • Tá callaire gléasta i mbosca toit ag innill ghluaiste fuaime
  • DCC agus tá dé-chainteoirí ar tairiscint
  • Banc toilleora PowerPack le haghaidh cumhachta agus fuaime gan bhriseadh
  • Solas bosca dóiteáin caochaíl (sioncronaithe le fuaim ar mhúnlaí suiteáilte CCBÁC)
  • Biocadh leictreach ó gach roth tiomána tairisceana agus locomotive

Gnéithe Tarraingthe:

  • Ga Íosta 438mm (2ú Ga Sraith-rian)
  • Fonnadh miotail dísle-theilgthe, pláta reatha agus corp le hacastóir tiomána lársprung
  • Bosca Gear Helical Miotail le haghaidh uasfheidhmíochta agus luas mall reatha
  • Géarú socraithe ionas gur féidir le locomotive scála uasluas 90 msu (145 km/u)
    a bhaint amach
  • Rothaí tomhsaire próifíl OO
  • RP25-110

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Alex L.
Brilliant model

Really impressive model - a cut above the alternatives.

Dan J.
Best Steam Loco……….ever!

Smooth runner straight out of the box. Exquisite detail and robust enough to be handled without anything falling off! The sound is top quality and runs like a dream. I can’t wait for more steam locos from Accurascale, rock on👍

Alex B.
The Manor of all Manors!

After purchasing Iford Manor a few weeks ago, I noticed that Accurascale had more stock of Dinmore Manor available. As I wasn’t quick enough to pace an order originally for Dinmore Manor, I was delighted and quickly placed my order.

Dinmore arrived very promptly and is a real stunner. I have travelled behind the real life Dinmore Manor many times and can say that the model captures her beautifully. The model also runs like a dream just like my Iford Manor.

Together they will be regularly hauling trains on my up and coming heritage line model railway.

Thank you Accurascale.

Adrian S.

Looks great, however would like a works weathered option. It looks a bit too pristine and would benefit from a dust coat of mat varnish. But that's just my preference. The sound quality is something else, brilliant firebox glow, especially when stationary and the shoveling coaling sound kicks in. Would also like a smoke unit fitted, but that depends on avaliable room, may be on future steam models.. The slow running is fantastic you wouldn't guess it was a 3 pole motor, it behaves like a five pole. The metal cast body is excellent, I enquired if a spare body shell is available but it's not. That's a pity because I wanted to weather the loco, but at this price I am reluctant to take the risk. Over all very pleased with my purchase. How about a set of coaches to complement it? I run it with a set of blood and custard Hornby Collet corridor coaches which gives it the perfect 1950 s look.

Dan D.
Exceptional models!

Dinmore Manor is the third Manor class model I've purchased from Accurascale. Easily one of the best RTR models on the 00 gauge market and a new standard setter for future models!

Callum D.
A very revolutionary loco

A very nice loco, bought this loco back in November last year am just amazed at the specs and the immense level of detail this has gone into making this.
Diecast body and chassis, painted cab detail, firebox flicker, stay alive, chrome plated chimney and safety valve bonnet.
A very smooth running loco, very quiet in both directions at variable speeds.
Until you turn the sound on and brings the whole experience to life, what a treat, not to forget the stay alive, which really comes in handy, no losing sound, no stuttering from the loco, Accurascale have done really well with this as their first oo gauge steam loco to the market.
So glad I went for the sound version, if you haven’t bought a manor or still undecided, you won’t be disappointed. Almost certainly, I will be buying a 2nd in the near future, mostly to be in this livery, gives such a smart appearance and gives the loco character.
Great Value for money, looking after the customers.

If this could be improved/ideas for other future steam related loco projects, I would include the following as standard:

• Pre-grouping/southern Route discs/Lamps as standard in the accessory pack (most steam locos released to the market don’t come with these as standard).
• Loco/Express headboards (as Standard) in the accessory pack.
• Where possible, maybe a five pole motor if needed?


Looks fantastic exactly like the real thing. Performance is good at medium to high speeds however the crawl is poor hence the 4 stars.

Dinmore J.M.R.
Dinmore Manor 7820

It doesn't get better than this

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Liam B.
Dinmore Manor

Hi accurascale i am very happy with the loco very well be together well done accurascale top marks

GWR Manor

Excellent model, grate detail, as with all detailed models, you have to be very careful how you handle them, might be an idea if the detail that is likely to brake was a bit more flexible, wich could have added benefits for everyone, keep the costs down. Smooth runner at slow speeds, great paint job, crew fits well into cab, not sure about the glittery effect on the crew, sounds are good, but can get drowned out by my other loco's, so might upgrade the speaker in the tender, check out roads and rails. Had a problem with one of the manors i purchased , it would only move in one direction, but accurascale were quick to replace, all in all 10 out of 10. Keep up the good work all. 👏

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