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Y33 Sambre et Meuse Bogie Pack - Red Oxide

UGC IRM1088Y33
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Set of 4 Y33 Bogies - Red Oxide finish

• Sambre et Meuse Y33 Bogies, with rotating Axle Centres and brass bearings
• Designed for easy 21mm conversion

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Kieran Stevens

    Bogies were perfect for my needs thank you

    robert n shrives
    Grrr-eat bogies

    Ideal well worked bogies great for upgrading kit bogies, great having these spares packs available- hopefully more to come off other projects.

    Bernard Richardson
    Great additions to the IRM collection.

    Great for a wagon maintenance yard scene or just as replacement product. The irish model scene has come a long way thanks to IRM.

    Joseph Lawton
    Y33 Samber et Meuse Bogies.

    Top marks to IRM on production of a top class product. It's always handy to have a spare bogie or two to add that extra bit of realism to your layout, weather its up on the back of a truck or in a siding or outside the workshop after overhaul or whatever. As I have said this is a top class product.

    Charley M.

    Excellent replacement Bogie Set.

    Martin Mackey
    Bogie Pack Red Oxide

    Excellent items allowing a scratch builder to consider modelling the modern Irish Goods Fleet and provide smooth running. Hopefully IRM might consider issuing a run of 20ft chassis’s.

    John Meehan

    Hi, I bought these for a container flat I am making and they will do the job perfectly. Once again another QUALITY product from IRISH RAILWAY MODELS

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