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Tara Mines Pack - Blue D

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31012- Blue Tara Mines Livery
31015 - Blue Tara Mines Livery

Two wagon multi-pack

Common Features:

• Pack of two Wagons each with individual numbers and decoration
• OO Gauge / 1:76.2 Scale Models
• NEM Standard Coupler Pockets in 'kinematic' Fittings
• NEM Narrow Tension Lock Couplers Provided
• Sprung Plastic Buffers
• Sambre et Meuse Y23 Bogies, with rotating Axle Centres and brass bearings
• Designed for easy 21mm conversion
• Etched Steel factory fitted detailing
• Extra fine factory fitted detail plastic parts
• Extra fine factory fitted Pipework
• Accurate Roof Lids, per prototype
• Individual lettering, logos and codes from real wagons for authenticity

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Blue Taras D

Excellent models that look great behind an IRM A Class.

Mark Fitzsimons

Love theses wagons and look fantastic on a layout

Ian Friend
Irish way

Absolutely love these wagons in their original livery. I'll quite possibly weather them a little though.

Edward O'Leary

Tara Mines Pack - Blue D

Reviewer avatar
John C
Tara, Wants To Be Mine.

These wagon packs via Accurascales side branch Irish Railway Models (IRM) are superb. I'm a UK modeller of "00" but as a Belfast Child (grown up version,
lol) I run Irish trains from the South and the North. IRM have a great foot hold in this market and with quality, detailed, and packaged rolling stock. I can see this market growing as more items are released. Tho some times one has to be quick at times, as the stock can sell out very fast, eg RPSI and RTC coaches. Rule #1 always pplies, lol, to me and I hope more Northern stock is on the cards, like the CAF 3-Car DMU or the old blue slam door stock.
Any way, my order arrived promptly, and I must say, the shear quality of these Irish models is fabulous and they are fantastic in the details.
Thanks to be, IRM for having the nerve to produce these rare wagons and releasing them into this small growing market.

Happy Days

Nothing to complain about, happy with the quality

Arthur Watson
Anything but the Blues

Superb wagons great detail and runners

Tara Mine Ore Wagons Pack D

I came across these wagon packs in the Black Friday sale
I model in UK "00" but i found these wagon packs and thought well why not Rule 1 applies lol
They arrived promptly after ordering and i must say i was taken aback by the shear quality of all aspects of these models
They are fantastic in every detail
Just got to find a loco that will look right hauling them now
10/10 to Accurascale for having the gumption to produce such rare wagons and release them to a wider modelling audience

Alan Richardson
Tara Mines Wagons

Yet another splendid model from Irish Railway Models. Great detail, superb painting and free running wheels make this a really fine freight wagon.

Richard Bell
Tara Mines Pack D

I purchased packs A to E, pack D is produced to the same high standard the trucks are highly detailed and feature rotating bearings to the wheel axel ends, there are spares in the parts pack with fixed rake coupling bars plus brake pipes brilliantly model these are in the early livery, would like to see the later refurbished examples. Like all the Accurascale Irish Models products would highly recommend their products, welcome the way they do multiple pack’s with different running numbers so you can model a train with out re-numbering other companies could learn from this when producing models, including locomotives, as well some people like to buy more than one example, well done agin.

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