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IR Ballast Wagon - Pack B

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Irish Rail Two-axle Ballast Hopper multi-pack A
    24148 - IR Points, Bauxite
    24139 - IR Points, Bauxite
    24134 -IR Points, Bauxite


  • Pack of Three Wagons
  • NEM coupling boxes
  • NEM Cranked Couplers
  • RP25.110 darkened profile wheel sets with 14.4mm back to backs, and 26mm over pin points
  • Highly detailed, separately applied, factory fitted Discharge Wheels
  • Extra fine factory fitted detail plastic parts
  • Plastic moulded Ballast Load with each wagon included
  • Individual lettering, logos and codes from real wagons for authenticity

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

10/10. Does exactly what IRM products say they do. Look amazing and run brilliantly.


Very detailed and high quality little wagon that started it all

IR Ballast Blast

Was gifted 2 packs of these to add to the ever growing IRM collection.
So good I went back for more, and have a tidy rake with Ballast Vans too.
Great quality, and great runners.

Nick Manley

These are great wagons, full of detail and very stable on the layout with no derailments. Look great behind the A1.

Darren Brophy

IR Ballast Wagon - Pack B

Thomas B.
Nice wagons but be careful what you shunt them with.

Nice models, well detailed. Come with a pre installed load which looks well. Only issue I have is that I cannot shunt these with the "A" class diesel also from IRM. The reason being that the couplings on the "A" are slightly lower than the couplings on these wagons so that when being shunted the coupling of the "A" class goes below the coupling on the ballast wagon and lifts it off the rail. Shunts fine with a Murphy Models 121 loco so just bear this in mind if these are on your wish list. Bit of a lapse in design as far as IRM and the couplings on different items of rolling stock are concerned,

Patrick Ryan
ballast wagons

Very well made wagon ( a must get for every Irish model enthusiast )

John Whelan
IR Ballast Wagon - Pack A / B

What can one say about these models apart from reinforcing what has already been said by others. In my case I was completing a diorama for a client who worked at CIE and often had these wagon on toe behind his loco, his reaction was simply wonderful as he remembered his days on the rails, so if I could bottle his reaction I would send it on to the guys in IRM to say that these models evoke emotions that reflect the true realism and accuracy of these wonderful models.
John Whelan - Designer and Visual Story Teller

Ballast wagonns pack B

These are really supburb wagons, the detail on these iconic 3 pack ls really special.

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