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CIÉ magnesite wagon - Pack A

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A triple pack of CIE / Irish Rail Two-axle Magnesite Ore Hoppers - Pack A

    26590 - CIE, Bauxite
    26594 - CIE, Bauxite
    29597 - CIE, Bauxite


  • Pack of Three Wagons
  • NEM coupling boxes
  • NEM Cranked Couplers
  • RP25.110 darkened profile wheel sets with 14.4mm back to backs, and 26mm over pin points
  • Highly detailed, separately applied, etched walkways and details
  • Extra fine factory fitted detail plastic parts
  • Individual lettering, logos and codes from real wagons for authenticity

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joe D.
Little Irish Gems

I was rather surprised how small the CIÉ magnesite wagons actually are and they are packed with detail and should be handled carefully. Sitting on my layout they blend in neatly with the old brick buildings. I'm not brave enough to want to weather them yet or at all, maybe in couple of years... I look forward to adding an appropriate locomotive at some time in the near future as I have none. The reason I chose to add some Irish rolling stock to my typically English , Scottish and Welsh themed rolling stock came about accidently when I competed an DNA test. It revealed I have 76% Irish DNA from both my parents combined even though they are Scottish born. Well, that was enough for me (oh yes, in the images thats the Guiness kegs and wagons in the background)

Liam T.
Another great offering

Smashing detail and smooth runners. They look great among my Irish fleet

Al Camino
first order of an IRM wagon

Beside the Fertilizers and Guinnes Kegs I decided to order a set of 4 wheel wagons. These were good to be towed by one of my Baby GMs in CIE livery. The wagons look fine. I was surprised, Nice that all cars have different road numbers. They all look brand new and need some weathering to give a real good impression. Anyway this set will receive some more magnesite wagon sets to form a full train of 9 or 12 wagons.


Awesome detail

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