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Bedford OWB Belfast

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The standard Bedford OB chassis was redefined during the war years as OWB, which dates our model pretty accurately. In the lead up to the conflict and during the war years, the Bedford OWB chassis was produced to the same basic design as the OB but valuable metals like aluminium were replaced with cast iron and austerity bodywork with a more austere interior. As a result, we see our 1:76 scale replica with wooden slatted seats as one of the compromises.  To the exterior, things brighten up a lot with the lovely royal blue body, grey roof and off-white central band running under the windows. The Belfast Corporation crest adds further colour on the sides of the bus. Registered GZ448, our single decker’s destination is Cavehill Road.  One further detail to note is the small headlight configuration on this model.

  • 1:76 model
  • Wealth of separately applied parts and detail.
  • Fully detailed interior
  • Undercarriage detail including exhaust and engine
  • Flush glazing

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