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6 Steel Coil Loads

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Add that bit of extra realism to your Accurascale OO  wagons with this pack of six authentic Coil loads

  • Perfect for the Accurascale JSA Wagons
  • Pack of 6 Coils
  • Wagons not included
  • 25mm Diameter
  • 17mm thickness 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
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John Crooks
Take the load off Fannie - The Weight.

I have to say, I do like to have loads on my open wagons. It makes the wagons look as if they are doing some duties between railway stops. I find a rake of empty stock a little boring, unless they are barrier vehicles or to have the odd empty within a laden rake of freight manoeuvres. Accurascale does supply a few ready-made loads to drop them into their stock. Whether it is coal, iron, or other minerals, they do look the part but can look samey unless adding some more extra filling or re-paint them yourself. These Steel Roll loads are the same and adding support strapping and weathering will lift the look of any wagon transporting them. There are six per pack enough for two full wagons or split them among more stock to carry the rolled sheets of steel. The coils are a great transported item on a rake and Accurascale has made it easier for the faint-hearted to make their own. Drop them in or take them off, it is up to you to run your own trains.

Coil Loads

Excellent on both Accurascale JSAs and other manufacturers steel coil wagons

Danny Impey
Steel coil loads

Hi accurascale will you ever be getting more of these in stock as I can’t find them anywhere and I would really love to get a few packs for my JSA wagons hoping and preying you will get some more in stock many thanks

Please restock these steel coil loads

These really do look like steel coils, so I desperately need some for my wagons. Hope you get more stock soon to purchase

Mark Saunders
Bright steel coils

The best representation of coiled steel plate I have seen! Worth buying for other wagons.

Michael Hodgson
Steel Coil Loads

Realistic looking coil loads, well made. Simple and you could easily make your own, but these save you the bother and make steel wagons look like they are earning their keep

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John C.
Why run a wagon light?

Good loads for the JSAs and other Steel Coil wagons that are available. They are simple but effective items to give the appearance that your wagons are shifting a load from one place to another and not running as empty stock.

Kevin Jones
Realistic loads

Great looking coil loads, quite well priced and well made, will look great on my layout and on my nee accurascale steel wagons

Graham Lee

They look like steel coils(unlike those from another manufacturer!)