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Ballast Wagons

Ballast Wagons

Introduced in 1972, the 24113-24148 series wagons were the first purpose-built ballast hoppers to be ordered for Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ). Construction was undertaken jointly by the railway operator and Whessoe Ltd. A second batch was added to the fleet in 1974, this time built by CIÉ and Parsons Ltd, and numbered 24250-24263.

The Ballast Hoppers, ran with one, or more usually two Ballast Plough Vans 'topping and tailing' the rake. Five of the CIÉ/Irish Rail 24850-24854 series vans were introduced in 1978 to supersede elderly pre-grouping vans for the Civil Engineering Department. They ran across the Irish railway network until their withdrawal in 2013.The IRM Ballast Ploughs come in sets of two, and feature lit Tail Lamps (directional) and interior lighting (works on DC and DCC Ready with an 8 pin socket)

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    CIÉ/IR ballast plough van - IÉ Era

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    CIÉ/IR ballast plough van - IÉ Era 24852 - Per-Way Yellow, IE 24853 - Per-Way Yellow, IE Two wagon multi-pack Era: 1977 to present-day Common Featu...

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