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Weedsprayer Pack Now In Stock!

Weedsprayer Pack Now In Stock!

Our highly anticipated weed spray set is now in stock in time to signal the final days of the prototype in service on the network! 

IE's weed spray train has been an essential infrastructure service for many years, operating every May across the entire IE network (including closed lines) to keep weed growth under control. In latter years it has also operated in September due to a change in the chemicals used.

The prototype train switched from 20ft flats to 42ft flats in the mid 2000s with the introduction of the modified BR van. Operation was usually with a 141 and latterly an 071 with a very occasional 201 providing haulage. 

More recently the weed spray wagons have been paired with the larger sperry container wagon for brake force on its track recording missions across the network.

Our weed spray pack features the three 42ft flat wagons with the distinctive weed spray tanks and a single CIE 20ft container used for storage of supplies. The tanks used were re-purposed from four wheeled tank wagons featuring the distinctive Bulleid triangulated underframes. 

This set is finished off with a 20ft container finished in a darker brown shade to reflect the darkened state of the prototype in service. 

As you can now expect from our models, the weed spray pack features a high level of detail and prototype fidelity to do these interesting prototypes justice! the diecast framed wagons feature sprung buffers, kinematic couplings with NEM pockets at correct height (and separate coupling bars provided for close coupling) as well as weighty tanks and container. 


We are still looking at producing the weed spray van, but as it is such a unique vehicle it is very hard to justify a RTR model. Thankfully there are models of this van already available in model form.

The weed spray pack is now in stock and available for €150 for the three wagons. An essential pack for any layout based over the last 15 years of operation, this self contained short train is perfect for haulage behind your 141 or 071 models.

Production is limited so make sure you place an order quickly for immediate dispatch here before they go! Place your order by clicking here. 


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