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Update on Cement Bubble Delivery and Tara Mines Progress

Update on Cement Bubble Delivery and Tara Mines Progress


We are delighted to announce that production of our cement bubbles is now underway at our factory in China ahead of a late October 2017 release following a significant tooling upgrade.

Since taking over full control of the project from a third-party agent, we had anticipated a late summer delivery for the cement bubble. However, having assessed the first production sample, significant corrections which had been previously requested were not implemented. Since the goal was to create the definitive version of the most iconic wagon on Irish rails, it was decided to scrap much of the tooling and start afresh, despite the expense.


As a result, the hatch lid, the distinctive end seams, the underframe detail on the bottom of the tank and the tank itself have been retooled and corrected, as well as the end walkway. The walkways and ladders, previously cast in plastic, are now etched components, resulting in a finer and sturdier rendition which are faithful to the prototype. Customer and magazine review feedback has been taken on board too, with the depth of the W irons being reduced to produce a more prototypical appearance.


Striving for a better-quality model has seen delivery for the bubble slip from August to late October 2017. While the additional waiting time is regrettable, it is felt that the patience of modellers will be rewarded with a significantly better product. To speed up delivery, the models will be shipped from China by air and should arrive in time for the annual three-day Dublin model railway exhibition. With over 50% of the production run already sold, modellers are urged to secure their order for this limited production run soon to avoid disappointment.

Meanwhile, the Tara Mines wagon has now entered the tooling room with an engineering sample due in the coming weeks. Prices, specification, delivery date, livery options and running numbers are due to be published alongside the release of the tooling sample when it arrives.

Tara CAD

We will also make our next product announcement at the Dublin Exhibition on Saturday, October 28th, 2017.

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