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Special Offers and Project 4 Launch this weekend

Special Offers and Project 4 Launch this weekend

As you know we like to do some special offers for the Dublin show each year. This year is no different! We will be offering unbeatable discounts on ballast wagons as well as a very special offer for the item we’re launching at the show on Saturday. These deals will be for this weekend only, both at the show and online, from Saturday Morning until Monday evening (Oct 30th, 2017)

Buy any two ballast packs for €220, saving €20!

Buy a rake of ballast wagons (1 Pack A, 1 Pack B and 1 Pack C) for €310, saving €50!

Project 4 is of course, a wagon. Sold in packs of three like our bubbles and ballasts. It will cost €125 per pack.

Buy two packs of project 4 for €225, saving €25!

Buy a rake of project 4 wagons (four packs) for €425, saving €75!

Remember folks, this weekend only. Will not be repeated. Cannot be mixed with other wagons.  To paraphrase that well known home-ware store “Once They’re Gone, They’re Gone!” The ballasts very nearly are, so don’t miss out. We also will not be revealing what project 4 is until Saturday morning, not even via PM! We will put up pictures on the Irish Railway Modeller forum and Facebook so those who cannot make the show do not miss out.

We will have a deco sample of project four, it’s crude, without detail and we are not happy with the colour. It will be available to order from us online and at the show.

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