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Rawie Buffer Stop Update

Rawie Buffer Stop Update

Our Rawie buffer stop project has flown under the radar somewhat compared to some of our larger announcements. We announced our first accessory last October at the Great Electric Train Show alongside the PCA wagons.

At the turn of the year we put the Rawie out for pre-order, and it has been quite popular with modellers judging by the orders so far. We had to wait for a manufacturing slot after our Accurascale O HUOs, Cemflos and PCAs were completed before getting underway with our Rawie buffer stops, but we were on course to deliver on time.

Such is the popularity of the Rawie with pre-orders, we decided to up the production run by 50% to satisfy demand. The tooling was polished for production and manufacturing of parts has been completed. However, our stringent QC process has identified an issue early in the assembly process which demonstrates a high failure rate of models. On this finding, we felt it was necessary to halt production, find the cause, and modify to create a more durable model for modellers.

This process has resulted in the requirement for a small tooling modification. Unfortunately, this means a delay in delivery until late August 2019. We are very sorry for this delay. It is a decision not taken lightly, but we feel that a model must meet our standards in quality as well as accuracy before we release them. We are sure that our customers would agree with this sentiment and understand that this swift action to deliver a quality, accurate buffer stop is the best solution.

We will keep you up to date with developments on the Rawie and our other models via our mailing list, Facebook page, news section on our website and web forums.

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