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Project 42 bonus ball - empty flat triple pack!

Project 42 bonus ball - empty flat triple pack!

We have an extra bonus release on project 42; empty liner flats! These are perfect for those of you who wish to bolster or build your liner trains and already had some CRail 40ft containers in stock, or fancy adding some of their colourful container range to your fleet and need wagons for them, or add your IRM beer keg cages!

Our factory was able to offer us additional capacity during the assembly of the weed spray wagons so we were able to avail of a limited run of empty flats in packs of three. However, this run is quite small and limited in size with one pack on offer for €115.

These wagons feature new running numbers separate to our previous 42ft flat runs too! Perfect for 40ft containers with additional more modern touches in decoration. Perfect for your 121s, 071s, 141s and 201s!

These beauties are now in stock and available to order here.

This brings to an end our extensive 42ft project. We have something a bit different for our next newly tooled model, which we hope to reveal late 2020! 

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