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Ploughing Champions; Decorated Samples Arrive!

Ploughing Champions; Decorated Samples Arrive!

After a very busy and intense first Warley show, we were delighted to come back to some very attractive models straight in from China! Our decorated samples of our highly anticipated CIE ballast plough vans have arrived from China for approval. There are some small tweaks we need to make to the finish, but overall they look good. This is the IE version, but these samples have the CIE era doors which were removed from the vans many years ago, long before they gained IE livery, so our models of IE vans wont have them. The doors will only be present on CIE livery vans. 

Anyway, here are some pictures for you to enjoy! 

These look fantastic bookending a ballast wagon rake and will look fantastic on your layout! You can place your order here

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