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Plough Pre-Ordering Now Open

Plough Pre-Ordering Now Open

Our next model, the highly exclusive CIÉ/Irish Rail 24850-24854 series ballast plough van, is now available to pre-order ahead of delivery in August 2018!

Five of the CIÉ/Irish Rail 24850-24854 series vans were introduced in 1978 to supersede elderly pre-grouping vans for the Civil Engineering Department. They usually ran in pairs, top-and-tailing ballast hopper trains across the Irish railway network until their withdrawal in 2013.

Following the success of our first model, the CIÉ/Irish Rail Ballast Hopper wagons, it seemed fitting to add the Ballast Plough to our range to complete a typical Irish ballast train. The model will utilise the same chassis as the ballast hopper and cement bubbles as per prototype, and will include features such as fully detailed interior, wire mesh on the windows (where appropriate) and full DCC control of interior and tail lights via a two function 8 pin decoder (not supplied). The vans will also feature switches to operate these features on analogue systems.

The Plough Vans will be made in a strictly limited production run. Four of the five vans will be represented in this batch of releases, with the vans coming in two packs of two for a sale price of €119.95. This price reflects the very small production volume and complexity of the model.

There will be an IR and IE pack, both carrying CIÉ/Irish Rail ‘Machinery Yellow’ as per prototype. The IR pack will feature two vans with the IR ‘points’ logo, gained in the late 1980’s and observed on some plough vans as late as 2006. The second will be in IE livery, which represents the final years of these unique vans.

These vans will nicely finish off rakes of IRM ballast wagons and help complete an authentic Irish ballast train. Orders are now being taken here.

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