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New Announcement - New Improved Fert Wagons at Lower Prices!

New Announcement - New Improved Fert Wagons at Lower Prices!

What is rare these days? Well, one could argue that our fertiliser wagons are. We really didn't make enough of them during the first round of "Project 42" judging by the feedback we have received via email and at shows.

Do you know what else is rare? Improving a product, then selling it for less than the first run!

Well, that's what we have done. To make up for the disappointment of the first 'fert' run selling out so quickly, we have REDUCED the RRP by €10 to €89.95 per twin pack. Who else does that?

Not only that, but we have improved the wagons too, with modification to the coupling mechanism and now brass bearings on the bogies to eliminate squeaking and improve running and rolling resistance.

Four different twin packs are available to pre-order with our usual 10% off when you buy two packs or more, and FREE Ireland and UK postage and packaging!

Due in Q4 of 2022, we are currently awaiting livery samples which we will preview in the next couple of weeks.

Also, because of supply chain demands, this production run will be smaller than we hoped too, so please make sure you get your pre-order in ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Pre-order yours by clicking here!

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