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New Announcement - Hosanna Is A H Van

New Announcement - Hosanna Is A H Van

We certainly alluded that the humble H Van was in our future in our launch of the Grain Wagons, and now we can reveal our model of the standard CIE goods van, here in fitted form!


The programme of rolling stock production undertaken by Oliver Bulleid during his time as Chief Mechanical Engineer at Corás Iompair Éireann (CIÉ) in the 1950s contained a number of now-iconic vehicles, among them being the humble H Van. With a 10ft wheelbase and 12-ton capacity, these unassuming vans became CIÉ’s standard covered wagon and they found their way to every point of the Irish railway network during their time in service, present in long rakes or mixed trains in larger yards and in smaller groups or singly in sidings and goods sheds right across the island.

In addition to over 1,300 H Vans constructed with hand brakes only, in 1953 Inchicore Works outshopped 219 wagons with vacuum brakes, with a further 99 H Vans being retro-fitted with vacuum braking between 1961 and 192. These wagons were distinguishable by the presence of brake wheels rather than the usual levers found on unfitted stock, and in most cases by the presence of “Vac Brake” wording on the body sides.

While commonly found running in unfitted trains with standard H vans and other wagons, where the vacuum equipment was not utilised, these vehicles could also be attached to passenger and mail trains to convey mailbags, parcels and other time-sensitive loads.

As with most other stock aimed at wagonload operations, these vehicles continued to ply their trade with CIÉ until the latter half of the 1970s, when more modern bogie stock was introduced and the network was optimised for trainload liner operations. Many of these vehicles were transported to CIÉ’s scrapyard at Mullingar upon withdrawal, where they were subsequently disposed of.

The Model

Probably the least surprising addition to our "Project Bulleid" programme of wagon launches around the famous triangulated chassis, the H Van is the must have wagon for anyone modelling mixed goods trains during the heyday of CIE freight operations. Seen in long mixed trains alongside their counterparts the corrugated opens, the flats, grain wagons and more, they were a staple diet in the Autumn of steam operations along with the diesel dawn.
Modelled accurately in high quality ready to run format for the first time, the accurate proportions and quality materials and details used does these humble vans justice in OO scale. With brass bearings to ensure the smoothness of running characteristics, high quality die cast chassis for weight, a wealth of separately applied details including fine plastic and metal brake rigging, museum quality injection moulding as well as crisp tampo printing and paint application, our Bulleid wagons set a new standard for IRM rolling stock and this will be demonstrated with the H Vans.
At home in a mixed goods, passenger mixed train or even a mail train, the fitted vans offer great flexibility for modellers and the unfitted variants will follow in a future production run. These wagons are due to arrive in stock in Q4 2024 and are priced at our unbeatable price for authentic Irish scale models of €89.95 for each triple pack, with 10% off when you order two more more sets.
Pre-order yours below and benefit from free shipping around Ireland and 3% cash back in the way of loyalty points off future purchases.

Pre-Order Your H Vans Here

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