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Liner Update - Decorated Samples arrive!

Liner Update - Decorated Samples arrive!

Our 'Project 42' has been a massive undertaking, with the wagon becoming five projects in one and taking a long time to come to fruition, but we now finally on the home straight!

As you can see, we received some decorated samples of the liners. There a some decoration corrections to be made, but that has already been sent to China. The coupling mechanism caused a lot of head scratching and didn't function on our first sample, so this took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to sort, including tooling changes to get right. As it was dealing with die-cast, it took a lot of work.
Production has begun, and delivery is in November. It's taken far longer than we would've liked, but we had to ensure that they function correctly as well as look great. The B&I and Bell Containers are special run commissioned by us from CRail Intermodel, while the distinctive 20ft container has been tooled by us and will also be available separately for placing in yards, dioramas and on the backs of lorries etc. in due course.
Dont miss out on these babies, order yours today:
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