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IRM To Stock Murphy Models 121 Class Locomotives!

IRM To Stock Murphy Models 121 Class Locomotives!

We are delighted to announce that we will be stocking the forthcoming Murphy Models range of 121 class locomotives in OO gauge. 

A total of 15 of these single cab locomotives were built by EMD at La Grange, Illinois and delivered to CIE in 1961. The locomotives quickly proved themselves to be reliable performers, casting a shadow over previous British diesel locomotive designs. This resulted in all subsequent mainline locomotive orders being awarded to EMD.

All 15 locomotives were originally fitted with 8 cylinder 567 2 stroke engines from delivery, which produced 960 horsepower. They were later upgraded with 645 powerpacks in the 1980s. The locomotives would go on to serve Irish Rail for over 40 years on passenger and freight duties, with mass withdrawal beginning in the late 1990s. Two locomotives, 124 and 134, remained in service by 2005, becoming enthusiasts favourites. With the economic downturn and freight, the final 121s bowed out of service in 2008.

The Murphy Models 121s will see a continuation of the high standards set by this manufacturer and incorporate a whole host of separate detail and features. A total of five different liveries will make up the production run, consisting of original CIE grey, CIE black and tan, CIE supertrain, IR and their final IE livery.

There are over 24 variables applied as appropriate to each model. To enable prototype correct lighting arrangements there are 6 switches which are easy to access. A sugar cube speaker is fitted as standard. . Minimum curve radius will be radius 2.

Sound will be catered for with the latest ESU Loksound 5 chips, with both the original 567 and the later 645 engine sounds covered with two different chips, depending on your modelling era. We will also be stocking these chips, and they can be ordered here.

Pre-ordering of these locomotives is now open, and they will arrive in three separate deliveries from China, with IE liveried 124, 129 and 134 departing China in June, 121 and 135 in CIE grey departing China in mid July along with CIE black 125 and 131, while Supertrain 126 and 132 as well as IR liveried 127, 130 and 133 leave China at the end of August.

Our price for the 121s is €189.95 with free postage and packaging included. Payment can either be up front, or by selecting direct debit can be paid in installments between now and delivery, or in full once the locomotive arrives in stock. The choice is yours! Place your order today by clicking here.

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