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IRM to Release Ballast Plough in Original CIE Condition as Bonus 2018 Range Surprise

IRM to Release Ballast Plough in Original CIE Condition as Bonus 2018 Range Surprise

We are delighted to announce that our forthcoming highly exclusive CIÉ/Irish Rail 24850-24854 series ballast plough van, is now available to pre-order in original CIE condition as an additional bonus model in the 2018 IRM range.

Five of the CIÉ/Irish Rail 24850-24854 series vans were introduced in 1978 to supersede elderly pre-grouping vans for the Civil Engineering Department. They usually ran in pairs, top and tailing ballast hopper trains with the plough/veranda facing inward across the Irish railway network until their withdrawal in 2013.

We had previously announced the vans in later IR and IE condition, but after calls from modellers an additional pack in original CIE condition has now been added to the production run, strictly limited to 250 packs.

The CIE plough vans will be faithful to the prototypes, lacking the later applied mesh screening over all the windows and it will also feature the half-sized doors on the veranda of each van. The vans will come finished in yellow with CIE roundels as per the real thing.

The model will utilise the same chassis as the ballast hopper and cement bubbles as per prototype, and will include features such as fully detailed interior, including bunks and heaters for the crew, as well as full DCC control of interior and tail lights via a two function 6 pin decoder. (sold separately) The vans will also feature a switch for these features for analogue control users.

The Plough Vans will be made in a strictly limited production run with the vans coming in a pack of two for a sale price of €119.95. They will make a perfect companion for a new run of IRM Ballast hoppers with CIE roundel livery which we plan to release in 2019.

Discount bundles will also be offered for those buying all three packs of plough vans, with a special price of €340 for all three sets, meaning the CIE set will cost just €100, a saving of €19.95! This will be open to those who have previously ordered both IR and IE packs who wish to add the CIE pack to their order, with an email being sent to customers with a personal discount code enclosed later today. If you have already bought one pack, and wish to add the other two and receive the special offer, email us with your order number and we will process it for you. 

This price reflects the very small production volume and complexity of the model. The adapting of the moulds to account for the tooling changes required to offer the plough van means that delivery of all the plough van models including IR and IE livery will now be pushed back to October 2018.

Orders are now being taken here.

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