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IRM announce Tara Wagon


Irish Railway Models (IRM), today announces that it is to produce the distinctive ‘Tara Mines’ bogie ore wagon in 4mm (OO) scale.

The Tara Mines wagon were built by CIÉ in 1977 for Tara Mines Ltd to convey zinc and lead ore from their mine near Navan, Co. Meath to Dublin Port for export. They are still in operation today and currently represent the heaviest freight trains operated on a daily basis in Ireland. Three laden trains operate in a block formation between the mine and Dublin Port each day.

The Irish Railway Models 4mm scale rendition of the wagon will look to emulate the high standards set by their Ballast and Cement ‘Bubble’ wagon projects. The prototype has been surveyed and CAD work has been completed. The wagon will feature accurately rendered body, separately applied detail such as brake gear, close coupling mechanism and will also be designed with easy conversion to 21mm gauge in mind.

Due to the corrosive nature of the ore, the distinctive lids on the wagons have been upgraded and replaced three times since their introduction in 1977. In order to cover the complete operational timeframe of the wagons, Irish Railway Models will be tooling the three lid variants to ensure accuracy across all livery variants.

It is planned to offer the wagons in their current guise of bauxite livery in the first run of models. Like the Ballast and Cement Bubble projects, there will be multiple wagon packs offered with unique running numbers to allow the modeller to create a prototypical rake. Future releases will include the wagons in earlier guises, including their distinctive original blue livery.

Prices and a delivery date are yet to be announced but are due for confirmation shortly. Pre-ordering will be available via and selected retailers.







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