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Irish Railway Models Launch Gift and Prepay Card

Irish Railway Models Launch Gift and Prepay Card

Sick of receiving non-railway gifts for Christmas? Finding it difficult to explain the differences between gauge and Irish outline models to loved ones who ask you for gift suggestions? Would you like a way to start a savings scheme, so you can buy the best Irish outline ready-to-run wagons on the market?

What you need is the new IRM Card!

We are launching our new gift and prepay card scheme at the South Dublin Model Railway Club this weekend.

The IRM Card is essentially two cards in one: it can be used as a gift voucher to offer as a present to the modeller in your life, while it can also be used by modellers to set aside funds in anticipation of buying IRM products at a later date. This will act as the reintroduction of the staggered payment scheme.

The IRM Card can be topped up online, or at IRM stands at shows. They can also be bought online or at shows with values of €25, €50 or €100 offered initially.

You can pick them up at the show this weekend, or via from Saturday onwards.

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