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Irish Railway Models Announce Additional Packs of CIE Ballast Wagons in 4mm Scale

Irish Railway Models (IRM), has today announced that it is to release two additional packs of CIE/Whessoe ballast wagons. This additional release will compliment the previously announced three pack of ballast wagons and will be released alongside the first run later this summer.

The decision to release of two additional packs of three wagons has been taken to satisfy a large demand for the wagons, with a lengthy waiting list for additional orders already secure. IRM has been truly humbled by support for the project and acknowledges that there is a large demand for high quality, ready to run Irish outline wagons in OO gauge.

Ballast Wagon

The two new packs will follow the template of the previously announced first set, with three wagons featuring three unique running numbers being available per pack. The two new packs, ‘pack two’ and ‘pack three’ will each feature different individual running numbers, offering the modeller to build up a prototypical nine wagon rake with nine different running numbers. The running numbers for previously announced pack one are ‘24122, 24127, 24132’, pack two are ‘24133, 24138, 24141’ and pack three are ‘24142, 24253 and 24254’.

Progress on the ballast wagon project has been swift, with tooling completed in China thanks to the hard efforts of David Jones of DJ models and tooling samples are due to arrive in the coming weeks for inspection.

Pack two and pack three will be a limited run of 250 packs each and will be prototypical for their final years of service with Irish Rail to compliment the previous announcement and will be priced at €119.95. IRM will also allow any purchaser of multiple packs to mix and match their order to include pack two and pack three to give them nine different wagon numbers where possible. We would ask any customer who wishes to do this to email us with your current order number ASAP so we can facilitate you. We will also honour the original price paid.

Proceeds from the new announcement will help finance our next two projects after the cement bubble wagons. These have been decided and preliminary work is underway. The identity of ‘project 3’ will be announced later in 2016 after the ballast wagons have been released. The cement bubble is progressing to the tooling stage and details on ordering and liveries/running numbers will be announced in the coming weeks. We anticipate that they will be available in late 2016/early 2017.

You can place your orders now for packs two and three via the Irish Railway Models website:


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