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Fitting Detail Parts to your Liner Flats

Fitting Detail Parts to your Liner Flats

Our container liners are currently landing with modellers across Ireland, the UK and the rest of the world. Unfortunately we managed to forget to include instructions to add the detail parts in the baggie provided, so here is a quick guide on what they are and how to fit them!

There are several optional detail parts included with the 42’ flat wagon and container models. The vacuum hose assembly (2)may be fitted to the bufferbeam, but it may restrict the rotation of the bogie, especially if you have tight radius curves on your layout.

There is also a container protection device, intended to restrict access to the locking bars of the container doors, and prevent opening the doors if access is gained to the contents.In order to fit the device, firstly remove the container from the wagon.

The containers are push fit, and not glued to the container lugs. There are two recesses in the pockets which house the buffers, one on either side of the wagon.

Test fit locating the device in the recesses, and when happy to proceed, add a drop of polystyrene cement to each recess, and add the device, positioning the small nibs in the recesses.

We have a very limited amount of liners left in stock. Click here to place your order today.

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