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First 'Project 42' Sample Arrives

First 'Project 42' Sample Arrives

Well after months of research, CAD, CAD checking, corrections to CAD, amendments to corrections and tooling, the first sample of our massive 'project 42' has arrived, sporting a first sample view of our weed spray tanks! 

The fully diecast underframe provides a lovely weight with excellent detail and fidelity in plastic and wire fittings. It also comes on our excellent Y33 bogies as first seen on the Tara Mines wagons, so rotating axle hubs are included!

Please note that this is a pre-production sample, and details like the headboards will not be on the weedspray wagons. It is just to demonstrate parts, fit and finish!

We have some corrections to make, but overall it looks excellent! These amendments will be sent to China before full production gets underway, with our liner flats featuring the Bell, B&I and CIE containers first to arrive in stock!

Have you placed your order for our liner packs yet? Click here to order now for delivery in late July! 


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