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Bulleid Flat Wagon Decorated Samples Arrive

Bulleid Flat Wagon Decorated Samples Arrive

Following on from the news about the completed production of our Bulleid corrugated open wagons yesterday, we can now unveil he decorated samples of our flat wagons!

Based around the same chassis as the corrugated opens, it's the second on a series of wagons which we will produce that featured this innovate style of triangulated chassis arrangement.

As you can see, we have received samples of both the purpose built flats, and the Permanent Way Department (PWD) flat which was converted from redundant H Vans. 

These wagons are now in production and will follow the open wagons into stock, arriving on time in Q3 2024 as per our launch announcement. Priced at just €89.95 per triple pack, and with our usual great value of 10% off when you order two or more packs, and free postage and packaging around Ireland and 3% cashback with our loyalty points, they make perfect sense for your authentic mixed coupled goods trains of the CIE golden era. 

Place your pre-order below!

Pre-Order Bulleid Flat Wagons

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