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A First Look At The A Class

A First Look At The A Class

This week represents a special landmark for us here at IRM, as we received the first pre-production prototype of our highly antcipated A Class!

We've already given it a quick spin around our layout, and we are blown away by the crispness of the detail, the etched grills, the shape, and that performance! It's beautifully heavy and very, very smooth!

There are some snags required such as lighting functions, roof details and fit, but overall it is most encouraging! It will take pride of place on our stand at the forthcoming South Dublin Model Railway Show this October Bank holiday weekend, so make sure you drop by for a closer look!

We will soon send our feedback to China and then get some firm delivery details. In the meantime check out these pics and place an order if you haven't already done so. These beauties promise to be special. 

Testing has been ongoing, and so far so good. We have gone big on the internals with our friends at ESU, so, should your A Class hit some points, or dirty track or a dead spot, it will keep running for almost 10 seconds over such track. We timed it being off the track for 9 seconds before the wheels stopped turning! 

All wheel drive and pick up certainly helps too, and as you can see, on the GM variants rotating axle caps will be present and regauging to 21mm nice and handy.

Place your pre-order for your A Class today and dont miss out on what promises to be a very special model of one of Ireland's most iconic locomotives.  

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