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A Class Update - January 2020

A Class Update - January 2020

It seems a while since our A Class sample was first shown at the South Dublin Model Railway Club show in October. The feedback on the locomotive has been sublime, and we are very happy with most of the tooling work and performance. 

However, we were also aware that there was room to improve the model, particularly around glazing and the circuit board needed work to include correct lighting functions and DCC functionality. This has proven to be a new learning curve for us, with our friends at ESU providing invaluable support. Their new circuit board design will feature next level features, such as a power pack and multiple lighting functions required for the different variations of the A. 

We had hoped to deliver the A in March 2020, but this is unrealistic as we are finding out with our first locomotive releases. A further refinement of tooling and circuit board is currently being completed ahead of decorated samples arriving from China.  Unfortunately this means there will be a delay in the delivery of the A Class. We apologise for this, but we must take time and care to ensure these are the best they can be. The decoration samples will be delivered in May and delivery to customers will be October 2020. We know this is not ideal and apologise for this delay, but they have to be right. 

We have also been working hard behind the scenes on a sound project for the A. ESU travelled to the Downpatrick and Co. Down Railway in mid October where the Irish Traction Group very kindly let them record a bespoke sound project using A39r to capture the mighty GM roar. 

Work is continuing on capturing the Crossley sound in Australia but as you can see below the GM A Class sound chip is well on its way to being ready in time for launch. A twin speaker arrangement will already be in the locomotive, with the sound chip sold separately. Prices and delivery are TBC. Keep an eye on our website for updates in the coming months!

If you are interested in an A Class, make sure you put your name down! It's shaping up to be a truly special model. Order here! 

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