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IE 22000 Class 'ICR' - 3-car in original 'Intercity' branded livery - DCC Sound Fitted

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IE 22000 Class 'ICR' - 3-car in original 'Intercity' branded livery - DCC Sound Fitted

IRM1175 Iarnród Éireann
‘Intercity’ Ribbon Logo.
3-car Set 22002 comprising:
22302 A3 DMSO
22402 B MSO
22202 A2 DMSO

Standard Features:
  • The chassis for all three Driving cars (DRBFO and DMSO) is a common design, with the same wheelbase and body.
  • Roof variations for NIR Radio, signalling equipment and AWS/TPWS fitting catered for in tooling.
  • The chassis for the B/B1 Intermediate cars (MSO) is a common design, with the same wheelbase and body. Only the interiors differ.
  • Die-cast metal chassis with plastic body.
  • DRBFO/DMSO: Scale length of 312.33mm over gangways, and 37.27mm wide.
  • MSO: Scale length of 301.84mm over gangways, and 37.27mm wide.
  • Wheelbase of 209.97mm, for all vehicles, allowing operation over a minimum radius of 438mm (2nd radius set-track).
  • Close coupled gangways, that will be maintained over curves via kinetic couplings.
  • The Driving Cars (DRBFO and DMSO) are supplied with optional extended magnetic front mounted Voith couplings, to allow for authentic multiple set working.
  • The Driving Cars (DRBFO and DMSO) are fitted with poseable front fairings at the front.
  • Single style of 11mm solid wheel, chemically blackened and conforming to the 00 Gauge RP25-110 standard.
  • Axles are set in blackened brass bearings or contact strips where applicable and conform to Irish Model Railways’ standards of 14.4mm back-to-backs, on 2mm axles over 26mm pinpoints.
  • Fully detailed die-cast underframe with all cylinders, battery boxes, cabinets and piping applied separately
  • Eroded metal, plastic and wire detail parts, including (but not limited to) roof detail, handrails, door handles, lamp brackets, brake gear, brake discs, draw gear, vents and louvres.
  • Prism free flush glazing.
  • Easily accessible interior for customer detailing.
  • Authentic livery, destination screens, markings and numbers, in dual Gaelic/English where applicable and accurate to the time period modelled.
  • Powered by a centrally mounted, premium quality 5-pole twin flywheel, skew-wound motor, driving both bogies of the A3 DMSO only.
  • Metal helical gears fitted for maximum performance and slow speed running.
  • Gearing arranged so locomotive can achieve a scale maximum top speed of 100 mph (161 kmh), as a 6-car unit.
  • DCC ready with PowerPack capacitor for uninterrupted power.
  • A1 DRBFO and A2 DMSO are un-motored (or dummy) cars, but retain full lighting features, being DCC ready with PowerPack capacitor for uninterrupted power.
  • Easily accessible 21-Pin ESU Decoders fitted in both types of DMSO and DRBFO.
  • Fully directional lighting, with full range of lighting options for day/night running and shunting/yard configurations.
  • Full passenger interior lighting in all vehicles, set at correct colour temperature, with hidden stay-alive capacitors, pick up from one bogie and a reed switch to control on/off via a magnetic wand.
  • Separate cab lighting configurations.
  • Operable Central Door Locking (CDL) lights on bodyside.
  • Permanently fitted speakers mounted in both types of DMSO and DRBFO.
  • All sounds recorded exclusively for Irish Model Railways by our in-house sound engineer.
  • Despite the base livery being a consistent silver base, with green roof and green/grey bodyside ‘swooshes’ since delivery, there have been several variations on logos/branding.
  • Initially branded ‘Intercity’, using the flowing ribbon version of the logo, the A1 DRBFO cars carried ‘First’ on the doors. Individual vehicle numbering was indicated by use of numbers in the 22xxx range
  • ‘First’ branding was then replaced by ‘Premier’ branding on the A1 DRBFO cars.
  • ‘Bowling Ball’ set numbers on the front of the DMSO and DRBFO briefly replaced individual vehicle numbering.
  • Post-2013, ‘Intercity’ branding was replaced by Iarnród Éireann/Irish Rail branding, with 22xxx vehicle numbering.
  • Post-2015, full UIC numbering began to be featured on the vehicle sides, with 22xxx in black, and the prefix/suffix numbering in white. The DMSO and DRBFO cars carried 22xxx in black, with a two figure prefix in white, on the front.
  • Post-2020, blue door vinyls with large white accessibility icons began to feature on sets.
  • Little use of body wrap advertising vinyls has been made, although ‘Big Music Week’ and ‘Hotel Transylvannia’ have featured, along with MTA branding for film work.

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