Irish Railway Models ballast wagons

Ballast hoppers en route!

The countdown to delivery of the CIÉ/Irish Rail ballast hoppers has begun! The finished products departed the factory in China yesterday and are currently being airfreighted to Dublin, where we are expecting them to arrive in the coming days. Once the shipment has cleared customs, we will begin a thorough quality control process. As this[…]


Irish Railway Models ceases working arrangement with DJ Models Ltd

Irish Railway Models Ltd today announces that it has ceased its working arrangement with DJ Models Ltd for its upcoming CIÉ/Irish Rail ballast wagon and cement ‘bubble’ wagon projects with immediate effect and will now deal directly with a factory in China for the production of these models. It is envisaged that only minimal disruption[…]


IRM announce Tara Wagon

Irish Railway Models (IRM), today announces that it is to produce the distinctive ‘Tara Mines’ bogie ore wagon in 4mm (OO) scale. The Tara Mines wagon were built by CIÉ in 1977 for Tara Mines Ltd to convey zinc and lead ore from their mine near Navan, Co. Meath to Dublin Port for export. They[…]

Cranked coupler fitting for Irish Railway Models ballast hopper

Ballast & Bubble: differences in coupling height and solutions

We’re sticklers for accuracy here at Irish Railway Models and as modellers ourselves we’re dedicated to manufacturing products which meet exact specifications. So we understand that some of you may be scratching your heads after viewing photos of the first ballast wagon pre-production sample and noticing that the NEM coupler pockets appear to be higher[…]

Ballast Wagon Artwork Pack 3

Artwork complete on the Irish Railway Models CIE Ballast Hopper

Our CIE ballast hopper wagon project has taken another step closer to completion after we signed off on the artwork for each of the three wagon packs. Each pack will feature individual running numbers on each wagon and will faithfully replicate the unique adhoc placing of numbers and data panels as per the prototypes. The[…]