Improving the Running of The 42ft Flat Wagon

Improving the Running of The 42ft Flat Wagon

We have received reports that some of the axles on our new 42ft flat wagons are a little stiff in their bearings. We have had dialogue with the factory to ascertain why this his happened as it is exactly the same bogie tooling used for our Tara Mines wagon, which performed faultlessly, and all 42ft samples. We are in discussions with our factory to ensure that this does not occur on our forthcoming fertiliser wagons and the rest of the 42ft project. In the meantime we have been looking to remedy the situation on the liner wagons. 

To improve the running quality of the 42’ Flat Container Liner wagons, we would recommend lubricating 3 sites on the wagon.Standard household lubricants such as WD-40 and Woodland Scenics White Grease Lubricant will work well, there is the possibility that hair and dust may accumulate over time, so use very small amounts to mitigate against this. Should you require a drylubricant either WD 40 specialist anti-friction Dry PTFE Lube or Kasp K30050 Graphite Powder Lubricant can be applied. These can be found online and in retail outlets such as Halfords.

Firstly, either with a thin brush or the applicator nozzle of your lubricant of choice, apply a small amount to the rear of the axle between the bogie sideframe and the axle mount as shown below. Rotate the wheelset as you apply and wipe off any excess. Repeat this process for all 8 wheels.

It is also recommended that the central bogie pivot point is lubricated slightly. See location A on accompanying photo. Similarly, the kinematic drawbar may be lubricated, if you find the wagons derailing on curves. The two sites indicated on the photo below(B & C)should be lubricated, and the coupler pocket moved side to side to draw the lubricant underneath.

Wipe any excess lubricant off with a lint free cloth, or cotton wool bud. Should you find that the above recommendations are unsatisfactory in providing reliable running, please contact us on

We understand completely that you should not have to do this with a €50 wagon, and we completely agree. We are disappointed ourselves that this has happened to a model under our brand, and we have conveyed this to our factory in China that this is not acceptable, particularly since this did not affect samples we received to test. We have been assured that every possible step is being taken in China to ensure this will not happen again. 

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