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Ivory bubbles pack B, C and D arrive in stock!


The balance of our ivory bubble order has arrived from China! We have been working hard all day doing QC checks and we’ve even managed to get some orders packed and sent out this evening! We will be doing the same over the next few days. It should take about a week to check all orders and ship them to you.

Thank you everyone for your support and patience as always. We hope you enjoy the definitive model of the iconic cement bubble! We still have bubbles in stock but with just over 70% of the run sold out already they wont hang around for long! Order yours today

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Irish Railway Models to Release Cement Bubble in Iconic Orange Livery

Irish Railway Models today announces that it will release its highly detailed cement bubble wagon in the iconic CIÉ orange and grey livery in time for Christmas 2017.

The announcement was made at the beginning of the South Dublin Model Railway Show at Blackrock, Dublin and is the fourth project that Irish Railway Models has announced to date.

Introduced in seven batches between 1964 and 1972, a total of 150 of these two-axle wagons were built by Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ) to convey bulk loads of cement from Irish Cement’s plants  at  Drogheda  in  County  Louth, Castlemungret  in  County Limerick and Platin in County Meath to distribution points throughout the CIÉ/Irish Rail and Northern Ireland Railways’ networks. Despite being introduced at different stages, the fleet carried numbers in an unbroken sequence ranging from 25050 to 25199. Affectionately known as ‘bubbles’ due to their distinctive profile, most of the fleet remained in service right up until the cessation of cement traffic by rail in 2009.

All 150 bubbles received the distinctive orange and grey livery in the early 1970s, replacing the earlier slate grey, with the last two batches of bubbles constructed receiving the orange livery from new. It was superseded by the ivory and black livery in the late 1970s, although both liveries could be observed running together into the early 1980s.

The Irish Railway Models release consists of two packs of three bubbles, all with unique running numbers. They are available to order at the show or online for €125.00. A special introductory price of €225 for two packs and €425 for four packs is also available at the show and online for the duration of the 2017 October Bank Holiday exhibition. A colour sample has been received from our factory in China, but is incorrect and will be amended for production. Prices after this weekend will revert to €125.00 per pack.

Delivery is slated for December 2017, with production commencing after the current run of Ivory bubbles is completed.
To order your bubbles, please visit

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Irish Railway Models Launch Gift and Prepay Card

Sick of receiving non-railway gifts for Christmas? Finding it difficult to explain the differences between gauge and Irish outline models to loved ones who ask you for gift suggestions? Would you like a way to start a savings scheme, so you can buy the best Irish outline ready-to-run wagons on the market?

What you need is the new IRM Card!

We are launching our new gift and prepay card scheme at the South Dublin Model Railway Club this weekend.

The IRM Card is essentially two cards in one: it can be used as a gift voucher to offer as a present to the modeller in your life, while it can also be used by modellers to set aside funds in anticipation of buying IRM products at a later date. This will act as the reintroduction of the staggered payment scheme.

The IRM Card can be topped up online, or at IRM stands at shows. They can also be bought online or at shows with values of €25, €50 or €100 offered initially.

You can pick them up at the show this weekend, or via from Saturday onwards.

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Further update on Cement Bubble Delivery this weekend

Hi everyone,

I have a further update on the cement bubbles for this weekend which consists of bad news and good news.

Firstly, the good news. Our first small shipment of bubbles are currently in transit and are making their way to us. (YAY!!!)

The bad news is that they were detained by Chinese customs for inspection and missed their scheduled flight, putting everything back 24 hours. As it stands, they are due to land in Dublin on Saturday.

So, what does this mean? Well, thanks to the sheer dedication and hard work of IWT (for which we will be forever grateful, they are a joy to use) the small consignment of A and B packs will be sent direct to Blackrock. This will on Saturday afternoon, so we will not have any bubbles available for collection until 3:30pm on Saturday at our stand.

We apologise for this if you were hoping to collect before then, but sadly it was completely beyond our control.

Thank you for your patience!

Fran (on behalf of the IRM team)

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Special Offers and Project 4 Launch this weekend

As you know we like to do some special offers for the Dublin show each year. This year is no different! We will be offering unbeatable discounts on ballast wagons as well as a very special offer for the item we’re launching at the show on Saturday. These deals will be for this weekend only, both at the show and online, from Saturday Morning until Monday evening (Oct 30th, 2017)

Buy any two ballast packs for €220, saving €20!

Buy a rake of ballast wagons (1 Pack A, 1 Pack B and 1 Pack C) for €310, saving €50!

Project 4 is of course, a wagon. Sold in packs of three like our bubbles and ballasts. It will cost €125 per pack.

Buy two packs of project 4 for €225, saving €25!

Buy a rake of project 4 wagons (four packs) for €425, saving €75!

Remember folks, this weekend only. Will not be repeated. Cannot be mixed with other wagons.  To paraphrase that well known home-ware store “Once They’re Gone, They’re Gone!” The ballasts very nearly are, so don’t miss out. We also will not be revealing what project 4 is until Saturday morning, not even via PM! We will put up pictures on the Irish Railway Modeller forum and Facebook so those who cannot make the show do not miss out.

We will have a deco sample of project four, it’s crude, without detail and we are not happy with the colour. It will be available to order from us online and at the show.

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Delivery of Cement Bubbles


As you may already know, we made big changes to our cement bubble wagon after reviewing the first tooling sample we received. We were unsatisfied with the level of detail and fidelity of the preproduction model delivered by our previous agent and decided to go back to the drawing board.

This caused a delay in bringing the definitive model of the iconic CIE cement bubble, which we had hoped to deliver in August 2017. We were assured that late October 2017 was a more realistic timeline, just in time for the South Dublin Model Railway Show at Blackrock.

However, despite herculean efforts from our Chinese factory, we will only have part of the shipment ready for Blackrock. This consists of enough of Pack As to cover all pre-orders as well as stock for sale on the day, and a limited amount of pack B. The balance of this order is due to follow in mid November.

This delay in production is due to the sheer amount of separately applied detail required to make the bubble the very best 00 gauge wagon on the market. We are immensely thankful to our shipping partner IWT for organising the air freight of this portion of the order in order to get them to Dublin in time for the show.

If you would like to collect your pack A and/or pack B at the South Dublin MRC show, we ask you to email us to let us know before 6pm on Thursday, October 26th at If we do not receive notice before this deadline we will not be able to give the models to you at the show. Anyone who would like to collect their models must also provide proof of purchase and photo ID.

If you have ordered a rake to be delivered by post your models will be sent in one shipment when the balance of bubbles arrive in stock. If you have just ordered Pack A and/or then these will be posted to you next week where stock is available.

We would like to thank you for your patience and apologise for this delay. We promise that the bubbles will be well worth the wait.


Fran, Patrick, Richard and Stephen

Irish Railway Models

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Artwork complete on the Irish Railway Models CIE Ballast Hopper

Our CIE ballast hopper wagon project has taken another step closer to completion after we signed off on the artwork for each of the three wagon packs. Each pack will feature individual running numbers on each wagon and will faithfully replicate the unique adhoc placing of numbers and data panels as per the prototypes.

The models will represent the wagons during their final years of service with Iarnrod Eireann’s permanent way department before withdrawal. Accurate colours for the decoration of the wagons as well as fonts for the numbering and lettering have been identified and are now with the factory in China. The factory has dispatched the first pre-production ballast wagon to us for approval and we will be sharing photos of the model once it’s been examined by us very soon!

Below are the templates for the livery decoration of the wagons. We hope you approve and welcome feedback as always. Pack one originally sold out but since we offered our swap scheme with the later announced packs two and three some have now become available again. Please note however that all packs are selling fast and are likely to be our only run of ballast hoppers for a number of years. You can order them today by clicking here.

Make sure you keep an eye on, and like our Facebook page for the latest updates including new product announcements and updates on existing projects and previews of pre-production models.

Artwork for Pack One

Ballast Pack 1 artwork

Artwork for Pack Two

Ballast Wagon Artwork Pack 2

Artwork for Pack Three

Ballast Wagon Artwork Pack 3